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Listen to the best new mixes here at DJ Mixtapes. Our library of DJ mix tapes and sets is being constantly updated to includes the very latest of DJ material. Our DJs are actively recording new sets and posting them here so that you can hear the best music from around the world mixed by the very best DJs.

DJ Sets

Sets are very easy to record. The best way to record your DJ set is by using a PC or Mac. A standard sound card will do but a dedicated studio card will add extra clarity and depth as does using high quality cabling.

There are some great pieces of recording software available out there and we recommend either Steinberg WaveLab or Sony SoundForge. Alongside providing you with great recording control, they also allow you to monitor your input straight from your DJ mixer to avoid any overloading or digital clipping - destructive digital distortion that cannot be removed once recorded. That is any level reaching or exceeding 0dB in digital terms.

Using a good software to record your DJ sets will also allow you to process your mix once recorded to increase the overall perceived volume and fatten up your mix, making it sound much more professional and of broadcast quality.

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